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Techniques About Making Exciting mars Rovers From Daily Objects

Date Added: November 21, 2012 04:25:46 AM
Author: Bahadur
Category: Science & Technology
Are you wondering about how you can construct very wonderful Mars Rovers using some materials available within your immediate environment? It is really a fun craft for kids, instructors, parents and teachers to understand the process of building with the application of simple supplies. The onus now lies on you to keep to the step by step instructions and advice.

Meanwhile, you are admonished to ensure that the continuous usage of your imagination and exercise your creative ability not only to build this project but many more. Since you are the architect, try as much as possible to be original; and inventive whenever you are finding building supplies. Above all, what is more important is the excitement therein. Some of the supplies include:

- Four container lids.
- Two straws.
- Foil tapes.
- Cereal box or cardboards.
- Half gallon of juice or milk container.

1st Step:
Tape up your milk carton. The first thing is to begin with the taping of your juice or milk container in full. I personally make use of foil tape for my Mars Rover body. Alternatively, you can as well use the normal masking tape and then color it with marker to produce your unique design.

2nd Step:
Introduce 4 holes at every single side of your container which are somehow bigger than the thickness of the straw. Now, put your straws entirely inside in order to stick out at the 2 ends. This is going to form your wheel axles. In case they cannot be turned freely, try to remove the straws and then make the hole a little larger.

3rd Step:
Construct the wheels: Wheels can be made from a mere piece of cardboard. All you have to do is to draw 4 circles and cut them out. This can be done by obtaining any circular object and trace round the edges over your cardboard. I usually apply 4 old instant coffee container lids which I had kept for my wheels. To do same, simply keep your containers after use until it is up to 4.

4th Step:
Attach the Wheels: This can be done with liberal application of glue gum. In fact, it is nice for crafts of this nature. Supposing you are unable to lay hand on any, you can easily tape your wheels on by slipping over the wheel and then tape it to the axle using very little pieces of tape as alternative. As for me, the rover was laid over its side above my wheels. Thereafter, the straw was lifted up and deposits some hot glue in the middle of my wheel while the straw is pushed down inside the glue. The essence is to ensure that it is accurately stationed at the middle and the rover body was as well flat on its side resting on the other side.

5th Step:
Do the same on the other side. You can now go over to step 4 as regard the other wheels. Try as much as you can to suitably position each wheel at the center of its axle.

It is as simple as that! Now you may now begin to roll it here and there or make it more colorful. In fact, I find this aspect of the project more interesting. You may attach one detergent push button top together with its futuristic piece of equipment. As regard my windows, a small piece of cardboard was cut out from a pop side box into specific shapes. These could be covered with many black tapes before attaching them.