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Obama, Is He The Change people Wanted

Date Added: November 21, 2012 04:02:33 AM
Author: Sohrab
Category: News
Back in year 2008 when Obama was viewing for the post of America President, a lot of his admirers or socio-political commentators submitted that if Obama was elected, it will not only change the United States, it was also mark the beginning of new era about how the entire world perceive of America. Be reminded that claim of this type can only be buttressed by wishful thinking and shallow understanding of the future world politics as well as the respective minds of the world population. In reality, asking whether the Obama administration has brought about the desire change in the people could be subjective. Why some may give their appraisal based on the election result, others are judging from his foreign policy point of view. While some may be using economics as their point of reference, many more may be considering the cultural or technological aspect.

More specifically, different opinion polls have definitely revealed that Obama have given America a facelift in almost all the surveyed nations. For instance, the United States is favorably acceptable in Germany and France when compared to the Bush Government. Unfortunately, the increase in overall acceptance is restrictive only to some countries. In Israel for example, the popularity of America was dropped in 2009 than under Bush administration. Again, the popularity of the America was more encouraging in Russia and Poland towards the end of Bush administration than Obama policy in 2009. Besides, the America popularity with Pakistan was adverse, a key ally in war against terrorism.

In essence, it is very obvious that there are divergent views regarding the ratings of America under Obama administration. As a matter of fact, in 2009, Obama wooed the German, Brits, French and Spaniards with little o r no regard towards America and its allies that even after the end of the so called cold war, Russians are still being treated with disrespects and even been disregarded. The reality is when majority of citizens of other nations are not happy with America; you do not expect the government of those countries to be too supportive of the America Government.

In the final analyses, the Obama administration has actually portrayed America in the good record of many people with regard to its foreign policy. It is very obvious that the reaction to the United States policy was what caused the re-ignition of the powerful and negative stereotype regarding America. Furthermore, impressive interests all over Western Europe and Australia for Obama’s victory as well showed the numbers of westerners who see United States as influential force globally. This is an indication of the potential acceptance of exceptional views about America. Nevertheless, in areas where the United States influence and militarism has impact or dependent upon excessively who win election in America does not really count. As a matter of footnote, view about America will be based on how it positively use its influence to impact the life of people within and outside the United States. Everyone have different opinions on whether Obama administration fulfill his dream as regard what is going on presently in the economic situation in the country.