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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Date Added: November 21, 2012 03:55:57 AM
Author: Sohrab
Category: Kids and Teens
One of the great learning tool and resource where you can get the best and right information is online. Despite the fact that online is a good resource, yet it is a very dangerous place to work or place for the children. You can easily prevent your children from stumbling into any dangerous and harmful websites online by taking the following steps:

- Let your children know the danger in online.
- Ensure that you install or better still block those programs on your computer system. You can also activate some feature offered on your browser or Internet Service Provider.
- Make sure that maintain plain view computer screen.
- Make the logs available and make sure they are not erased.
- Anytime you discovered that the logs are erased, try to find out the reason.
- Make sure the children are accountable to you or anyone older than them in the house.
- Be careful if you are using chat rooms.
- Make sure your personal information is intact and not open to third party.

These days, children always love to be on PC to do all kinds of play such as playing games and in some places, to learn from the internet. This is the more reason why it is very important to ensure that your children are safe as they surf the web. At times, internet could be shuddery but by putting some resources in place, you will be able to keep the bad stuff away from your children and your computer system. The resources are:

- There is a family social network and browser known as Gubble. It does a fine job and ensures that the children remain safe whenever they are online. The resource also enables you to upload contents such as videos, photos as well as some special moments for your family to enjoy. It also helps to control your kids activities on the internet and every site they browse are approved by you. Anytime your child visit different sites, the resource will record it for you to see what your child did when you were not around. It offers your children with games and puzzles. This resource is very good for family and children.

- Another resource is kido’z. This is an Adobe AIR resource that helps to safeguard your children when they surf web. This resource determines what your children can view and what they cannot view. Kido’z works well for the family and children and keep your children safe from some internet dangers they might want to get exposed to.

- KidZui is another safe browser for the kids and as soon as they are activated by the parent, the children are locked down to specify the resource site. KidZui takes over the entire computer screen which limit the children from moving round the computer system or messing up with the system. The resource is indeed one of the best ways to safeguard your kid and entertained them. Some other resources includes; LinkExtend, PikLuk, Totlol and ZuiTube. The last is the best children video site.